Nou Refugi Caro

New Caro Refuge is located at the foot of the highest mountain in the Ports. This is a new and modern mountain retreat, prepared to fulfill its role of service to the public, and that in the face of mountaineering possibilities it opens up a wide range of options, both for cruises, mountain bike routes, climbing, and other activities of all kinds of difficulty. It will remain open all year.

Pack Anticrisi

To help (modestly) to combat the crisis we offer: The step card + technical shirt + management costs, Patek Philippe falso for only 20 €. And if you are interested in purchasing a map of the journey, you can do it in the first housing.

The crossing

Estels del Sud is a route that unifies in five different stages, routes that are currently used by hikers in isolation and linear. Thus is born a circular passage allowing the hiker els Ports go and see this place as a whole with all its varied landscape, natural and cultural, it is diverse. The five stages can begin and end at any of the five locations that serve as start-final stage: Beseit, Arnes, Paüls, mountain hut Font Ferrera and mountain hut Caro.

Welcome To Estels del Sud

Stars of the South route established for years that offers the possibility of a solid through five games for the Ports. Overnight every night in one of their establishments and during the day, following the trail, enjoy one of the wildest natural environments and unknown in our country. Ports are steep limestone relief that has been humanized since prehistoric times.
They are the border land between Tarragona (province of Montsiá, Terra Alta and Baix Ebre), Teruel (Matarraña) and Spanish (Low Mastership). It was a source of natural resources by man has always remained still for a significant natural features that are within the most important biodiversity reserves in the country. The characteristics of a tourism route will be different and meet different people that arrive, in contrast to the natural landscapes that you can enjoy.


The routes are long, for this reason is recommended Don`t initiate the march after nine o`clock in the morning.


The lodgings

The lodgings are equipped for a comfortable stay rural between Ports massif, an ideal place to relax.


How to arrive

Located between Catalunya, Valencia and Aragon, this limestone massif, relief steep and abrupt, has been humanized since prehistoric times.
Parc Natural dels Ports

Contact Information

C/ Lluis Companys, 65
43597 ARNES
Phone: 619 931 278